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About Supernanny

Jo Frost travels across the country answering the calls for help from parents and families who are in need of a change in their family dynamic.

Where to Watch

The Jeans Family

Episode 101

In the premiere, Jo Frost visits David and Barbara Jeans and their three daughters. Supernanny will help the children's problem with authority and teach the family how to deal with their issues.

The Bullard Family

Episode 102

Bryce and Jen Bullard are a Colorado couple who are struggling to manage a busy plumbing business and raise two unruly children. With different approaches to parenting, the parents must learn to get on the same page with their discipline and follow the supernanny method.

The Orm Family

Episode 103

Shawn and Tammy Orm have lost control of their three sons, Chandler, Caden, and Declan. The parents have different methods of discipline, and they soon lose hope and are desperate for answers.

The Wischmeyer Family

Episode 104

John and Melora Wischmeyer are a hard-working couple with three children. The younger twin daughters have control over the parents and the household, while the older son gets punished for their wrong doing.

The Weston Family

Episode 105

The Westons are a loving, hardworking family with a big problem - a ferocious four-year-old, Andrew. Parents Fred and Andrea need help to break the cycle and regain control of their household from the tiny terror.

The Bailey Family

Episode 106

Bill and Stacie Bailey have demanding jobs and an even more demanding family. These parents need help with a daughter who refuses to sleep in her own bed and a son who throws epic tantrums.

The Gorbea Family

Episode 107

Robert and Evelina Gorbea have lost control of their family, and the power is in the hands of their two-year-old son, Adam. The misbehaving toddler receives most of the attention leaving his two older siblings feeling neglected.

The Ririe Family

Episode 108

Scott and Jennifer Ririe have their hands full with their four children, Selia, Hallden, Blake, and Broden. These parents have two completely different views on how to parent their children, including issues on what and how their kids should be eating.

The Collins Family

Episode 109

Jason and Karen Collins live in Northamptonshire, U.K. with their four unruly children who run the house by mob rule. In order to get these aggressive and destructive kids back on track, Supernanny introduces her strict zero tolerance regime.

Homemaker Colleen Christiansen and her husband, Chris, have boys gone wild. Their two destructive boys kick, pinch, bite, backtalk, and have a general disrespect for their parents. The parents need help communicating their expectations to their kids without yelling and presenting a united front when it comes to discipline.

This special will update Supernanny's loyal viewers on all of the families that appeared on the show over the first season.

The Burnett Family

Episode 112

The Burnetts are in over their heads with five kids and a house of chaos. Michael and Joanne need to add structure to their unbalanced routine, and they need the tools to manage their clingy brood.