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The Wedding Reception

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The Trevanions are struggling to make ends meet, so Sarah takes on the job of providing a wedding reception. But hungry lions are making life difficult. Meanwhile Danny is slowly building on his veterinary work, often not charging the poor to do so. Danny considers approaching his neighbor Tate for some prey to keep the lions at bay, but is reluctant to do so as he suspects that Tate is allowing hunting illegally. Later Du Plessis hears that Tate has been seriously injured while doing so and insists that Danny, as the nearest medically trained person, go to treat him. In the meantime Sarah is having real problems with the reception planning, an elephant demolishes the marquee, and the reception flowers get eaten. Nomsa however calls in some of her friends who rally round to help out, and in the end the reception is a real success, only marred for the Trevanions by the news that Tate died in the air ambulance on his way to hospital.

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