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Wild at Heart

Heartwarming Family Drama

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About Wild at Heart

In the drama series “Wild at Heart”, an English family moves to the South African bush to set up and run a game reserve.

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Scabby Monkey

Episode 101

When a scruffy, barely alive African monkey arrives at his practice Danny is fascinated by the challenge. However he's abruptly dragged away from surgery when his stepson confronts a bully at school with a tranquiliser gun he stole from Danny's cupboard.

Breakfast Nyala

Episode 102

Danny is having second thoughts about the wisdom of uprooting his new family and ploughing all their money into a business venture that they know next to nothing about.

Work to Do

Episode 103

A successful giraffe capture means everyone is in high spirits, until the arrival of Evan and Olivia's real father, Simon, throws the family into turmoil. He is determined to take his kids back with him to England.

Meerly Evan

Episode 104

Evan lets the mischievous meerkats loose in Rosie's room to cause havoc. Rosie is devastated when they destroy an irreplaceable photograph of her mother and rages at Evan.

Evan Meets Eli

Episode 105

Rogue young male elephants are rampaging through Leopard's Den and destroying everything the family have built, so Danny introduces a matriarch elephant in the hope that she will calm them down.

Dawn Feeling

Episode 106

At a typically rowdy family breakfast, Rosie is excitedly looking forward to the arrival of her friend Izzy, whilst Danny is concerned about the rumor of ivory poachers in the area.