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Car Seat Stink Eye

No airings scheduled.

Episode Details

On the second $100,000 episode of the season, contenders for the prize include: “Jersey Shortie,” in which a 4-year-old is inconsolable when he finds out he’s too young to run for governor; “Car Seat Stink Eye,” in which a little boy, annoyed with his crying cousin, decides to do the same; “Towel Terror,” when a little girl is frightened by her brother’s bunny towel; “Longing for Lipstick,” in which a little girl is disappointed with her present of a bike; “Sticker Shock,” where a boy plants stickers all over his little sister’s face; and “Prosecuting the Poodles,” in which, armed with a flip cam, a woman interrogates three poodles about who’s pissing around (literally) in her living room.

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