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Wax On, Wax Ouch

No airings scheduled.

Episode Details

The final $100,000 video winner of the season will be chosen. Video contenders include: “Butt Thermometer Mix-Up” — a teenager who’s disgusted to learn she’s just taken her temperature with her dog’s rectal thermometer; “Wax On, Wax Ouch!” — a man who gets his chest and tummy very painfully waxed; “Crying Camera Kid” — a very funny, dialogue-only video from a kid who lost his camera in the snow; “Uranus or Mine?” — a little girl who has trouble saying the name of a planet; “Misspelling Safari” — a little boy’s first try at reading; “Rainbow Calling” — a little girl convinced that a rainbow would end in a golden treasure at grandma’s house; “The Battle with the Balloon” — a kid who just can’t get a balloon to pop

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