Meet the Bates
Episode 101

Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing about the latest addition to their family; the first Bates grandchild! As the girls prepare to throw a huge baby shower to celebrate, Alyssa gives the family some surprising news of her own and an accident leaves the family shaken.

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Courtship & Marriage
Episode 102

Erin invites her siblings over for a sleepover to help ease the transition from a full house to living with only her new husband, Chad. Zach and Whitney get real about becoming parents and Michaella pays a surprise visit to her beau, Brandon, in Texas, with a chaperone in tow.

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Bates Go Wild
Episode 103

The whole Bates clan packs up and heads to the great outdoors! If you think packing for your family is hard…try packing for 21! Not everyone loves being in the wild and the entire family has different ideas about what “roughing it” really means.

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Training Up Bates
Episode 104

The younger kids get a lesson on “Train Up,” the Bates’ method for discipline, and Gil and Kelly take 11 of them shopping for the ultimate test! Erin takes a trip to the doctor hoping for some good news.

Nashville Son
Episode 105

Budding gospel country singer/songwriter Lawson Bates heads to Nashville to meet with a record label executive and a vocal coach, while Kelly, Gil and the younger kids start planting a fall garden. But with so many people offering their opinions, the task doesn’t go as seamlessly as Kelly thinks so she calls for back up.

Organized Chaos
Episode 106

How does a family of 21 find enough clothes to last through the winter? Get ready for the Bates seasonal clothing switchover, where nothing goes to waste! In the midst of the chaos, the family is asked to sing at a bluegrass music festival… but can they all learn their parts in time?

Zach and Whitney’s baby is due in less than 2 weeks, but the nursery is nowhere near ready! Lucky for them, there are plenty of Bates to lend a hand. As Whitney’s due-date nears (and passes!) the whole family gets anxious to meet the newest addition to the ever-growing clan. Later, Erin shares surprising news with her parents.

The Purity Ring
Episode 108

Carlin gets a night out alone with her parents and they have a special surprise for her. Later, the Bates family visits Zach and Whitney as they adjust to being first-time parents. Then, Lawson sings the National Anthem in front of 15,000 people.

Michaella and Brandon
Episode 109

Brandon comes for an extended stay. Could his visit could mean bigger things for Michaella and him?

Get ready to give thanks… Bates style! The whole family heads to Gil’s parents’ farm for a super-sized family dinner. The family joins hands to say what they’re thankful for. Someone reveals a surprise.

The family hits the road to visit Alyssa and John in Florida.

All About the Bates
Episode 112

Find out everything you want to know (and then some!) about the Bates as they answer viewer questions and show some hilarious never-before-seen footage.

Gil is turning 50 and the kids want to surprise him with a huge party! Kelly Jo whisks Gil away for a romantic overnight stay while the kids get to work planning the festivities. When the big surprise is revealed, a teary-eyed Gil basks in the warm glow of being surrounded by so many family and friends.

Michaella and Brandon have moved out of their tiny one bedroom apartment and into a new rental house, so Kelly Jo and Erin pay the young couple a visit and lend a hand with decorating their new space. But will the ladies be able to to settle on a design style that will appease Michaella AND Brandon? Back in Rocky Top, Chad’s decided to leave his job at the scrapyard and has offered up his position to Bobby. But after spending the day shadowing Chad at work, will Bobby be the right fit for the position? After work, Bobby meets up with Tori for an ice cream date and to discuss their future together. And back in Chicago, Kelly Jo, Erin, Michaela and Brandon hit up a bowling alley and engage in some friendly competition!

SUN Day, Fun Day!
Episode 704

A Total Eclipse is headed directly over Rocky Top, TN! So before the big event, Brandon gives the Bates kids an interactive science lesson, demonstrating how the moon blocks the sun during an eclipse. And later, the Bates family gather together at a pool party for some fun in the sun and to marvel at the dark sky above, caused by the Eclipse. And before Michaella and Brandon head back home to Chicago, they meet up with Dr. Vick for a consultation, as they continue to search for answers about their infertility struggles.

Bates Bonus III
Episode 705BB

Pssssst! Here’s a bit extra of the Bates from the all new episode coming up next!

Bates Bonus IV
Episode 706BB

Pssssst! Here’s a bit extra of the Bates from the all new episode coming up next!