A Real-Life Meet Cute: Christmas Movie Stars Franco Lo Presti and Emily Alatalo’s Unforgettable Love Story

A real-life meet cute, straight out of a Christmas movie, unfolded on the set of an actual film for Franco Lo Presti and Emily Alatalo, the stars of UPtv’s “Christmas Time Capsule.” This enchanting moment took place during the production of UPtv’s “Christmas Catch” in 2018, during a hair and makeup test. The magic didn’t just stay on screen; a genuine spark ignited, transforming their on-screen partnership into a beautiful journey of love. Fast forward to today, the couple is celebrating their wedding, which coincidentally falls on the day before the premiere of “Christmas Time Capsule.”

Initially skeptical of Franco, Emily expected him to be a typical male model stereotype. To her surprise, she discovered a man of depth and charisma beneath the handsome exterior. Franco, fresh from a past relationship, entered with no expectations but found himself captivated by Emily’s magnetic presence.

Despite a mutual attraction, the timing wasn’t right, and they went their separate ways. It wasn’t until 2020, with Emily now single, that fate brought them back together. What started as a casual invitation to meet friends turned into a revelation of Emily’s single status, prompting Franco to suggest a coffee catch-up.

Their journey faced a small hiccup during the first attempt at coffee, but Franco’s genuine interest and patience left a lasting impression. The subsequent meet-up sparked a connection that led to their engagement. Now, as they prepare to say “I do” on November 11th, the day before their new movie, “Christmas Time Capsule” premieres on UPtv, Franco and Emily celebrate not only their love but also the intertwining of their on-screen and off-screen lives.

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