Pro Wrestler Chris Jericho to Star in ‘Country Hearts’ Movie

UPtv is currently in production on a new heartwarming movie ‘Country Hearts’ starring wresting legend Chris Jericho, set to premiere this fall. The sequel ‘Country Hearts Christmas’ has been greenlit for this Christmas season.

In ‘Country Hearts’, the daughters of country music and rock & roll royalty find themselves at a crossroads, torn between following their dreams of performing or helping their father run their up-and-coming horse breeding business. Between old flames, new love, best friends and family – they’ll all need the strength of each other to face the next steps. ‘Country Hearts’ stars Chris Jericho, Lanie McAuley, Katerina Maria, Brendan Morgan, Jeff Irving, Craig Strickland, David Pinard, Michelle Nolden, Genevieve Fisher, Roy Lewis, Lara Amersey, Greg Ellwand, Bebsabe Duque, Celine Bauwmans and Neil Whitely.

Country Hearts is executive produced by Beth Stevenson, Nancy Yeaman, Stan Hum and Rebecca Lamarche from Brain Power Studio. The movie is written by Jennifer Snow and directed by Marco Deufemia.

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