Unwrapping a Christmas Movie Secret: Making ‘Mistletoe Connection’ in a Summer Heatwave

You’re not thinking of a sweltering summer heat while watching your favorite Christmas movie characters bundled up, sipping hot chocolate. But production schedules mean Christmas movies are made months before their premiere dates. Markian Tarasiuk and Jessica Sipos, stars of UPtv’s upcoming premiere, “Mistletoe Connection,” looked back at their time on set, sharing how a talented hair and makeup team kept viewers from noticing a Vancouver heatwave.

“It was 95 degrees out, and we were on… an older bus. So there’s no air conditioning on it, and of course…we had to have all the windows closed because it’s winter,” Tarasiuk recalls. “I was just scared I was gonna be a sweaty mess for that entire opening of the movie.”

“Mistletoe Connection” follows the story of Kate Snow, a Christmas-loving shop owner, and Mark Goodwin, a businessman with a hidden affection for the holiday season. Their accidental meeting ignites a journey filled with romance, conflict, and the magic of Christmas. It’s a story that captures the essence of the holiday spirit, reminding us of the joy and wonder of the season.

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Make sure to tune into UPtv for the premiere of “Mistletoe Connection” this Sunday, November 26 at 7 pm and 11 pm EST.