“Country Hearts Christmas”: Chris Jericho’s New Christmas Movie About Family, Fame, and Redemption

Were you one of the many fans left craving more after watching “Country Hearts“? Brace yourself for the heartwarming sequel, “Country Hearts Christmas,” arriving just in time for the holiday season. This sequel continues the emotional journey, delving deeper into family bonds, the challenges of fame, and the true essence of the holidays.

Pro-wrestling superstar Chris Jericho steps back into the role of “Bones,” a former rock star navigating the intricate balance between fame and family. Reflecting on Bones’ evolution, Jericho emphasizes, “Bones, now distanced from his rock star days, realizes there are things more crucial than fame. It’s about family.” His portrayal beautifully captures the struggle between success and staying grounded, offering an uplifting and relatable story.


“Country Hearts Christmas” reveals Bones’ journey of sacrifice and redemption. His decision to prioritize family over wealth and his battle against addiction paint a poignant picture of the depth and emotional complexity that captivates audiences.

Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, “Country Hearts,” this sequel earned praise from Movieguide:

“COUNTRY HEARTS CHRISTMAS is a compelling, moving drama. The script builds nicely to strong dramatic moments and a heartwarming ending.”

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