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A Newlywed Nest & Trace Put to the Test

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Josie and Kelton’s honeymoon might be over but the fun is just beginning! Now it’s time to settle into their new apartment! While Kelton is away at work, Josie recruits her friend and Whitney to help her decorate their living room. But will Kelton be pleased with Josie’s bohemian decorating style? And because Addee experienced hearing loss as a child, she’s now trying out new hearing aids. Gil and Kelly Jo take her to an Audiologist for a check-up. Later, Jud and Jeb experience indoor rock climbing for the first time. While Jud has a blast climbing the highest wall, will fear get the best of Kelly Jo? And now that Trace has completed his training as a Sheriff’s Deputy Officer, he meets up with older brother Zach to go on a ride along. After experiencing “a day in the life” of a cop, will he want to pursue a long-term career in law enforcement?