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Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour

UPtv Original Series


About Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour

Join Jo Frost as she travels to a new city each week to work with one family that desperately needs her expertise. Using a combination of well-honed techniques, sincerity, love and humor, Jo will pinpoint each family’s challenges and give parents practical tools that they can implement on their own.

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With four kids under the age of nine, it takes a village to raise the Whisonant family… but even that may not be enough. With two stressed-out grandmothers, and a Mom who copes with frenzied cleaning, this multi-generational household is having a hard time getting the kids under control.

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It’s a story of a stressed single mom with 2 kids who is desperately trying to pick up the pieces from a divorce. With a sassy six-year-old and a very sensitive son, the flare-ups are constant, but just who is starting the fire?

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Phoning It In

Episode 103

A family move for Dad Nolan’s new job means 16-year-old Sierra’s built up resentment toward her mother has absolutely skyrocketed, resulting in a toxic daughter-mother relationship and some flagrant rule-breaking. Making matters worse, 4-year-old daughter Alannah enjoys provoking her brother Anthony – who has life-threatening allergies – until he hits meltdown status, which just adds to Mom’s already overwhelmed state.

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Tech Overload

Episode 104

In a very controversial episode, Jo confronts the issue of corporal punishment head on in a tense stand-off with Chris and Meshane. As parents they’re on totally different pages, with Dad Chris the strict disciplinarian who keeps his kids – one with special needs – in line, while Mom Meshane is constantly being ignored and walked all over by them. To make matters worse, they are obsessed with technology and can’t seem to live without their TVs, computers, iPads or smartphones.

These parents are big time in “roommate” syndrome - where they’ve lost their relationship and it’s all about the kids. After struggling for over 8 years to get pregnant, they now have two “miracles” who, due to Mom’s worries, have been sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed since birth and now refuse to leave. It means no sleep for everyone and has led to general crankiness and some serious acting out. This couple’s relationship is on the verge of crumbling if they don’t reclaim their bed and reignite the

Being in a new city and with a husband who’s constantly on the road for work has proved a challenge for this Georgia mom. With 3 impossible to control kids all under the age of 5, Mom feels confined to the house on a daily basis because she literally CANNOT take the kids out in public. But is she just lacking confidence in herself?

With their oldest son terrorizing the family, and the middle daughter instigating a lot of his bad behavior, the Warrens turn to Jo to help them unite as a family. However, how will they take it when Jo tells them their kids are simply mirroring their parents' behavior?

Double Trouble

Episode 108

After the birth of their first child, The Costas felt like their family was perfect. But then the twins were born, and their lives have been on the “Crazy Train” ever since. Now, 28-year-old Tatiana (mom) is at her breaking point compounded by a live-in Grandma and a flourishing business. A trio of wild children under the age of 2 was more than Tatiana ever bargained for.

This young Latino family of 3 lives in East LA and Grandma is very much in the picture (mom’s mom). Dad battled testicular cancer and their 3 year-old Atticus is a “miracle baby”. And he is spoiled rotten as such. He’s been booted out of his preschool for bad behavior several times, so this couple is on their last legs. If Atticus gets kicked out one more time, one of the parents will need to quit their job.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Episode 110

These parents of two are both decorated police officers, but they can't control their own "precinct" at home! Mom states it best: She is more at ease controlling 200 inmates than she is controlling her two children.