UP is lighting up its annual Christmas festivities with 50 fun-filled days of cheery and fun holiday programming. This merry holiday offering features six premiere movies and a GilMORE the Merrier binge-a-thon. Hosted by Yanic Truesdale as his beloved character, Michel Gerard, the marathon features all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls from start to finish, 24 hours a day for 153 hours straight beginning Monday, November 20 at 10 AM ET and concluding Sunday, November 26 at 7 PM ET. UP’s ‘We Get Christmas’ holiday programming kicks off Sunday, November 5, with the premiere movie Second Chance Christmas.

See the full schedule online here.

Emphasizing holiday movies and memories, UP’s holiday season program highlights include the following UP Premiere Movies.  Download or print the schedule here. See local listings for encore broadcasts.

Second Chance Christmas (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, November 5 at 7 PM ET

When an accident causes a successful woman, Caroline, to lose her memory, her husband does everything in his power to keep her from remembering that they are total opposites and that their marriage is doomed. Now Jack is hoping for a second-chance, and a little Christmas magic, to help rekindle their relationship and fall in love all over again.

Starring: Tilky Jones (Nashville) and Katrina Begin (Boomtown)

A Very Country Christmas (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, November 12 at 7 PM ET

A country music star leaves it all behind to get back to his roots and find his way back to what he really loves. What he doesn’t expect to find – is true love.

Starring: Greyston Holt (Somewhere Between), Bea Santos (The Girlfriend Experience), Michelle Morgan (Heartland) and country singer Deana Carter

The Christmas Calendar (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, November 19 at 7 PM ET

When Emily, a struggling baker in a small town, receives a handmade Christmas Calendar from a secret admirer, the local residents become obsessed with finding out the identity of the sender.

Starring: Laura Bell Bundy (Hart of Dixie), Brendon Zub (Who Killed JonBenet?) and Paloma Kwiatkowski (Bates Motel)

Christmas Solo (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, November 26 at 7 PM ET

Two single parents stumble into the possibility of love for Christmas, only to discover that their daughters are embroiled in a nasty rivalry at school. When the rivalry gets out of control, can hope and healing lead everyone to a peaceful and merry Christmas?

Starring: Kelli Williams (Army Wives) and Jonathan Scarfe (Van Helsing)

12 Days of Giving (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, December 3 at 7 PM ET

A man who wins a small fortune decides to share his winnings by acting as a Secret Santa to people in a small town.

Starring: Ashley Jones (The Bold and the Beautiful) and David Blue (Ugly Betty)

Christmas Princess (UP Premiere Movie) – Sunday, December 10 at 7 PM ET

The true story of Donaly Marquez who, through a childhood of neglect and abuse, achieved her dream of becoming a rose bowl princess. An inspirational story of resilience, strength and finding a family to call your own.

Starring: Rosa Blasi (Strong Medicine), Nicole Munoz (Defiance) and Zak Santiago (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency)

Winter Wedding (UP Premiere Movie) – Monday, December 25 at 7 PM ET

When Hallie and Lucas get engaged, they quickly begin planning the tropical beach wedding of their dreams. But the happy couple starts to get caught in family drama when both sets of parents can’t seem to agree on anything. Adding to the turmoil, their destination is completely booked and the next available spot is over a year away. Not wanting to wait, they decide to have their ceremony at Lucas’ mountain lodge in the snow. Their love is tested when the stress of keeping everyone happy gets to be too much.

Starring: Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives) and Susan Walters (The Vampire Diaries, The Young and the Restless)


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