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When Julie and Rusty get some rare time alone, they reflect on what’s been going on in their lives. It’s been a hectic and emotional few months. It’s been some time since Ciara gave her baby up for adoption, and she’s now ready to take the next steps in her life. Rusty has a chat with her about her plans, and she tells him she wants to go to school to pursue a career as a music producer. Rusty, Julie, Ciara and Shania travel to Jacksonville to visit Shawndell in his transitional facility, and also visit the recording school nearby. Julie later takes Wilson on a second visit to the lawyer to find out if he has any more information about Wilson’s birth-mother. They’re hopeful about what he’s found out. After helping out the kids individually, Julie and Rusty decide to organize a family picnic to give everyone a chance to blow off some steam and have some fun together. During the picnic, Wilson approaches Amanda, Steven, Brodie, Jordan and Ciara about doing something nice for Rusty and Julie as a thank you. The kids are all on board, and they get to work on a plan to pull off a surprise for the two people who have done so much for them all.

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