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As the second season kicks off, Julie Bulloch makes a sudden, heartfelt decision that affects every member of the Ranch in dramatically different and surprising ways. Having found Ciara — a 21-year-old single mom and fiancée to a beloved former Ranch kid – in dire circumstances, Julie unilaterally invites her and her three-year-old daughter Shania to live at the Ranch. The unexpected news unsettles husband Rusty, who is worried about having two more mouths to feed, and their daughter Amanda, who is angry at being shut out of a major family decision that affects her and her own three-year-old. As the family adjusts to new circumstances at a welcome dinner, Ciara breaks the news that she’s also pregnant. Meanwhile, Ranch “kid” Jordan struggles to get back on track both on and off the football field. Later, while now out on his own, Brodie confronts his parents’ concerns about his overall “lack of direction.”

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