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Rusty prepares the family for the immanent birth by putting the family through “baby drills.” He wants to keep the household running smoothly amongst the chaos but he is also extremely busy and is having difficulty balancing family life, ferrier work, rental property work, and football. Will Rusty be able to handle all these responsibilities without being pushed to the edge? After all the baby talk, Amanda decides she’s ready to try and conceive again after multiple miscarriages. She and Steven head to a doctor to see if it’s possible and are faced with financial obstacles. Julie has a big photo-shoot at the beach on Saturday and needs Amanda to help her out. Rusty is left in charge of watching the kids while Ciara heads to an ultrasound. He’s short-handed and running out of patience. Rusty and the boys take a hunting trip to help with the stress but it may be too little too late. Amanda and Julie come up with a plan that may be just the thing to help out.

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